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Pam Sloan, Graphic Designer:
I was excited earlier this year when I was contacted by Peter Fewster of Northern Oriole (who also happens to be one of my favorite programmers to work with) to help him redesign the website for the London Curling Club. Our aim was to take the existing website and modernize it to help appeal to some of the younger curlers discovering the sport today, as well as embody the trend of fun and wacky patterns that is becoming more popular in curling clothing.

Paul Pergau, London Curling Club President:
A ton of thanks goes to Peter Fewster, our new webmaster, for his efforts over the summer in bringing us a new website and online registration system. Peter, as part of the company Northern Oriole, is able to provide us with secure web-hosting services, as well as his vast skills, knowledge and experience in the use of web sites. An online registration system paves the way for providing us with usable data about our club's operations and its members. This is a major step forward for the LCC, which our board will be able to take advantage of going forward.

Urology Nurses of Canada:
Gina Porter, RN, NCA at Horizon Health Network, President UNC. Peter Fewster of Northern Oriole has been our webmaster since the Spring of 2013. He totally redesigned our website which had drastically fallen behind the times. Peter has been invaluable during the redesign, switch over and now managing of the website. He is always quick to reply to questions and to suggest possible solutions. The switch over from the old site to the new was seamless.
Frankie Bates, RN, NCA at Horizon Health Network, Vice-President East UNC. Peter Fewster has been our webmaster for the Urology Nurses Of Canada since early 2013. Prior to that we had been experiencing problems with an old website that was not user friendly nor updated promptly so resulted in very few of our members using it interactively. This changed when Peter came on board as our webmaster. Personally, he saved our local Urology nurses committee who were hosting a national conference that same year. He put together all the conference info on the website in a very short timeline and fixed any blips along the way that may have needed changing by our group. The website now has a new face, looks wonderful and is used extensively by our membership. Nothing seems to be a problem for him to fix, we ask and it gets done!
Liz Smits, RN, Urology Clinical Supervisor, Vice-President West UNC. The website is certainly user friendly and easy to navigate.

Nathan G. Smith, Associate Professor, University of Houston:
We chose Peter H. Fewster from Northern Oriole as our web programmer for our large online-based research project because a colleague strongly recommended him. It has been fantastic to work with Peter. He was able to accommodate our budget and provide timely web support. Our research team has never felt that Peter was rushed even when he was working on several projects; he always took the time to discuss programming options and provide detailed explanations of concepts with which we were unfamiliar. His knowledge of statistics and the data-analysis software SPSS is another quality that makes him stand out from his competitors. He showed a great level of professionalism throughout our collaboration and I am happy to recommend his work.

Lori E. Ross, PhD, Research Scientist for the Health Systems & Health Equity Research Group, Centre for Addiction & Mental Health; Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry, Dalla Lana School of Public Health and Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing, University of Toronto:
I have had the pleasure of working with Peter Fewster and Northern Oriole on 2 large internet-based research surveys to date, with 1 more in preparation. In each instance, I have been delighted with Peter’s work and the exceptional customer service he has provided. Peter’s extensive expertise meant that he was able to address all of our complex research needs (e.g., detailed skip patterns), while also being very generous with his time in working with us to come up with novel solutions to any problems that arose. I can recommend Peter and Northern Oriole without hesitation.

Greta R. Bauer, PhD, MPH, Associate Professor, Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, Western University:
Peter makes internet surveys easy. I’ve had the opportunity to work with him on two surveys that involved tracking recruitment networks for participants with respondent-driven sampling. Peter was able to easily incorporate the design-specific aspects within the databases, and saved our teams a lot of time over earlier studies I’ve done. Moreover, the survey interfaces were clear and nicely designed for our participants. Peter has also been flexible about sending data updates or arranging for us to view the back-end interface to monitor data collection. I would not hesitate to work with him again on a new project.

Todd A. Coleman, PhD (candidate), Department of Epidemiology & Biostatistics, Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, Western University:
Peter Fewster from Northern Oriole completed the programming on our internet-based survey of gay, bisexual, and men who have sex with men in Middlesex County, Ontario. After reviewing a number of simple online survey programs, we decided to contract Peter and Northern Oriole because he had the background knowledge and skills to make our survey experience easy and efficient for everyone involved. Throughout the entire process, from initial design to survey launch and data collection, Peter was very helpful and provided us with tremendous insight into editing our survey to make it a better one. His work was prompt and his attention to detail was phenomenal. I highly recommend Peter and Northern Oriole and would definitely utilize his expertise again for survey work.

Dr. Dorothy Forbes, Associate Professor, Faculty of Nursing, University of Alberta:
When we needed assistance with the analysis of survey data, we called Dr. Peter Fewster for help. He was quickly able to organize and manage the data and delivered the summaries we needed on time and on budget. His work is accurate, polished, and professional. We would certainly use his services again.

George De Vlugt, Business Development Rep., KeyContact, Direct Mail and Fulfillment Services:
We chose Peter to help us with a major survey project that had a hard copy mailing and internet component. Peter’s expertise in collecting, compiling and interpreting data was outstanding. He is very easy to work with and really works hard to make sure his client’s needs are met. We would definitely recommend Peter to anyone needing his expertise.

Sharon Roberts, PhD, Assistant Professor at University of Waterloo (Renison); Senior Statistical/Modeling Consultant at Newcomp, University of Waterloo (Renison), Eating Disorders Foundation of Canada:
Peter Fewster has completed several projects for me (2004-2012). His designs are excellent, files impeccable, and delivery of product on time. I have also recommended him without reservation for a provincial-level evaluation, and as always, the final product was excellent. It's great when you can simply trust someone to be an expert and do their job well. Thanks, Peter!

Professor Michael Buzzelli, Department of Geography, Western University; Executive Director, CPNet:
Working with Peter and Northern Oriole was deceptively simple. The web interface we needed went well beyond existing options and yet the processes of data capture and transfer were seamless. And all of this was done with great attention to up front design, awareness of down stream analytical needs and security and privacy. I will surely return for further work.

Dr. Wolfgang Lehmann, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, The University of Western Ontario:
Northern Oriole designed an online survey for me that far surpassed my expectations and what I could have accomplished with commercial software and programs. I was able to conduct a service that was visually appealing and allowed for complex skip and response patterns. More importantly, I could rest assured that my data was always kept secure. Receiving a final data set that was well prepared and ready to analyze made my work on this project much easier. I highly recommend Northern Oriole.

Paul Tremblay, Ph.D., Research Associate at CAMH; Part time Faculty at Western University:
Peter and a colleague designed and oversaw a three-year online data collection for a project at Western University and the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) consisting of 26 weekly and 24 monthly questionnaires assessing university student alcohol consumption, mental health and academic progress. They did an incredible job developing the custom study website and email program and overseeing the online data collection during the three-year period. We appreciated their conscientiousness and their initiative in anticipating and preventing any problems related to the online data collection. I highly recommend Peter’s work!

Laura Stephenson, Associate Professor, Co-director of the Political Behaviour Research Group, Department of Political Science, Western:
Peter is knowledgeable, helpful and efficient. Working with him on my projects was great because he easily took what we envisioned for our online surveys and made it happen. I appreciated his professionalism, willingness to offer advice, and ability to make everything work seamlessly.