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Canadian Embroiderer's Guild, London

A web site for a local fine arts group offering workshops and classes to Guild members as well as non-members. Members register for classes online. The web site displays well on all devices and screen sizes.
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A survey on where people meet sex partners and where they have sex. The results of the survey will help to improve sexual health services and resources.
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Transforming Justice: Trans* Legal Needs Assessment Ontario

To help document the legal needs of trans* people in Ontario, identify access to justice barriers that trans* people face, and determine the needs of legal service providers (lawyers and paralegals) to provide more informed and inclusive services for trans* clients.
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Improving Health Research on Canadians

To improve on the types of survey questions asked in health research regarding who people are (demographics).
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Bisexual Identity: Implications for Mental and Sexual Health

A study to better understand the unique experiences of bisexual men, including their stressors, sexuality, and substance use.
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London Curling Club

A club web site in the London Canada area which appeals to some of the younger curlers discovering the sport today, as well as embody the trend of fun and wacky patterns that is becoming more popular in curling clothing.
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Urology Nurses of Canada

A web site to serve a national not-for-profit association whose mandate is to enhance the specialty of urologic nursing in Canada by promoting education, research and clinical practice.
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Windsor Bar Goer Study

To learn about different situations and aggressive incidents of young adults in bars and clubs, and the factors that influence these incidents and people's perceptions and feelings about such incidents.
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Risk & Resilience: Bisexual Mental Health in Ontario

A research study about bisexual people's experiences with mental health and mental health services.
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Employee Census: Building a more supportive workplace

To gather information for current and future programs/initiatives in support of the Corporation’s Workplace Diversity Statement and Plan (WDSP).
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Health in Middlesex Men Matters (HiMMM)

A study to know more about the different experiences with local health care services that gay, bisexual, & other MSM in the area have had.
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Exhibit Designers and Producers Association

Three annual surveys for an internationally recognized trade association with more than 400 corporate members from 18 countries that are engaged in the design, manufacture, transport, installation and service of displays and exhibits primarily for the exhibition and event industry.
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Pathways to Effective Depression Treatment

A research study about experiences of depression and depression treatment, in Ontario conducted by researchers at the Centre for Addiction & Mental Health (CAMH), St. Michael’s Hospital, York University, and Rainbow Health Ontario.
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Evaluation of the Quality Improvement & Innovation Partnership (QIIP) Partnership

A study to determine if participation in QIIP Learning Collaboratives improved care processes and outcomes.
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Researching Health in Ontario Communities (RHOC)

A research initiative that seeks to improve understanding, prevention and treatment of co-occurring mental health, substance use and violence problems in Ontario.
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Pathways to Housing Careers

A study of how and why individuals seek or find careers in housing. Respondents were undergraduate and graduate students from relevant programs in Canadian universities. English and French versions.
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Beliefs and Attitudes Toward Aggression

A study of male-to-male alcohol-related aggression. Survey respondents were from a Canadian university and college in Ontario, Canada.
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Keeping Track

A four-year longitudinal project investigating the relations between drinking patterns, depressive symptoms, interpersonal conflict and academic achievement.
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Limits of Leadership

A study by researchers at two universities in Ontario, Canada to better understand how people form opinions about important political issues. Subjects in the online survey were randomly assigned to one of 32 (2x4x4) conditions.
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CEFR Questionnaire

A two-part longitudinal study to examine the implications of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for language education in Canada.
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Effects of Work Environments on Nursing and Patient Outcomes

A study to examine the relationship between nursing work environments and outcomes experienced by nurses and patients. Respondents were from various hospitals across Ontario, Canada.
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Ontario Youth and Registered Apprenticeship Programs

A research study designed to better understand the educational and employment experiences of young men and women who participated in OYAP (Ontario) or RAP (Alberta) in high school and how their participation in OYAP/RAP has influenced these experiences.
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Police Promotion Practices in Ontario

A study to measure the attitudes of Ontario’s police leaders about police promotion practices.
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Survey of Canadians

Researchers at the University of Western Ontario, Claremon Graduate University and the University of California (Davis) studied how people determine their vote choice and form opinions about important political issues. Subjects in the online survey were randomly assigned to one of 64 (2x4x2x4) conditions.
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Team Composition

A four-part longitudinal study to better understand the effects of group membership in project teams.
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Youth Behaviour and Attitude Survey

A study about health behaviour in youths.
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Titles of smaller surveys include:

  • A Survey of Identity Formation in Emerging Adulthood
  • Attitudes Related to Media & Fashion and personal Relationships
  • Attitudes Towards the Sexuality and Relationships of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities
  • Community and Political Participation of Municipal Employees
  • Couples Study
  • Humour in Relationship Survey
  • Issues in the Formulation of the DSM-V
  • Leadership and Job Attitudes
  • Managing the Future
  • People’s Experiences with Change in the Workplace
  • Sexually Explicit Materials on the Internet
  • Study on Work-Life Balance
  • Survey of Negative Social Experiences at the University of Western Ontario and Fanshawe College
  • Using Student Evaluation of Teaching for Formative Feedback
  • Work Attitudes