Northern Oriole

an elite survey service

Northern Oriole provides elite survey and web services to the academic and business communities.

Affordable. We deliver services that are less expensive than “do it yourself” survey & web packages.

Reliable. We are experienced academics who take pride in the accuracy of our product.

Complete. We can help you at every stage of your project.

Flexible. We can create complex surveys with features such as conditional skipping of questions, experiments, and longitudinal studies.

Timely. We can respond to concerns within one business day.

Accessible. Web pages are designed to be as accessible as possible for all web enabled devices including hand-held and those designed for the visually impaired.

Survey Services


We take care of all aspects of implementing the survey from creating the survey* to supplying you with an analysis-ready dataset in the format of your choice. In between we take care of emailing invitations, managing logins and providing updates as requested.

* Surveys are written with HTML5 and use CSS to manage the appearance.

Data Analysis

A full range of data analysis services are available. Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Data Cleaning
  • Descriptive Data (means, standard deviations, confidence intervals, etc.)
  • Graphing

Web Services

  • Professional design that is attractive, clear and easy to navigate
  • Assist in content development and organization
  • Membership and conference registration

Data Security and Storage

  • Data transmission is secured with strong industry-standard encryption via an SSL Certificate.
  • Data are stored in MySQL databases.